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The Buster Bill® book series (pilot collection) portrays the metaphysical disposition of a young boy discovering a world full of amazing and colourful characters existing just beyond the human perception.


His journey begins in the year 1927, when something extraordinary happened. 


A mysterious group of travellers invited him to join them on a journey. 


A quest that would change his life forever. 


He started keeping a journal. 


This story is based on that journal.


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The Tillkoo TalesTM series is here.

Get ready as you come along on a journey! Meet aliens and beings form all over the universe. Explore their worlds and discover many exciting wonders just a page away!

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Follow Seth RadenTM as he takes you travelling through time and space. Travel to the future and then back to the past, not to mention sideways in time... Seth being from the way distant future has a very distinct view of the universe you call home.


What secrets does he hold?

Find out now!

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