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From his earliest days, Daren has been very creative. Despite facing challenges with reading and writing, his imagination knew no bounds, finding its roots in the narratives he wove in a small patch of earth behind his family's chicken coop. At the tender age of ten, societal expectations introduced him to a new canvas for his creativity: sketching his adventures. 

As Daren matured, so did his creative pursuits. He discovered a passion for working with timber and crafting furniture for his growing family, which led him to study and graduate as a skilled carpenter and joiner. His insatiable thirst for learning led him further, earning a Diploma in Furniture Design with distinctions and an award. Yet his intellectual interests extended beyond these fields.

Daren soon found himself immersed in the academic world, exploring various creative disciplines such as multimedia, film, playwriting, and more at university. Following this, he was offered and accepted a position to study for a degree in Psychology, which further underscored his broad intellectual interests. However, recognizing that his true path in life was less about traditional education and more about sharing his unique gifts with the world, he made the thoughtful decision to temporarily defer his studies. This pause in his academic journey proved invaluable, helping Daren refine his life path.


After a period of self-discovery, punctuated by transformative paranormal encounters ( READ The King of Me), Daren resolved to use his gifts to make a greater contribution. Today, he provides metaphysical guidance, leads development groups, conducts readings, performs paranormal investigations, and practices Reiki.

Daren's creative pursuits have also flourished. He is now an acclaimed artist, renowned for his vibrant metaphysical art, and an award-winning photographer, signing his work as Buster Bill - a loving tribute to his late grandmother who gave him that nickname.

Moreover, Daren has ventured into writing children's books. His vividly illustrated "Tillkoo Tales" series and the metaphysical sci-fi adventure series "Buster Bill" captivate young readers' imaginations.

Daren's life is a testament to the power of imagination, resilience, and the human spirit's capacity for self-realisation. Continually questioning, learning, and creating, Daren enriches his audience with a unique and insightful worldview that speaks volumes about his diverse talents. 

Unleash Your Creative Essence with the Tillkoo Art Diary

Dive into the realms of your imagination with the Tillkoo Art Diary. Cover art by Daren Russell.

Each page offers boundless space for your artistic expressions, seamlessly blending your personal experiences with the ethereal dimensions of Tillkoo.

Explore Tillkoo®, an Australian trademark leading a global creative revolution. Tillkoo's ethereal expanse symbolizes a profound realm of potential and unseen forces, merging the metaphysical with the physical. At Tillkoo Studios and Productions, we celebrate creativity as the essence of existence, showcasing groundbreaking retail, media, and artistic experiences that bridge local ingenuity with global innovation. 

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