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Welcome to the Enchanting Realm of Tillkoo!

Step into the world of Ettiairy Diary, a magical haven where extraordinary friendships are forged! This diary is more than just a book—it's a gateway to a realm where imagination and reality blend seamlessly.

Buster Bill, the beloved character from the Buster Bill series, has now ventured into writing his own books. One of his enchanting publications is the Ettiairy Diary, designed to transport you to a world of magic and friendship.

Within these pages, embark on a journey to discover and nurture a unique bond with your very own Ettiairy. It's a treasure trove of laughter, questions, and shared adventures, perfect for recording your creative tales, cherished moments, and the profound connections you build with your newfound companion.

The Ettiairy Diary serves as a canvas for your dreams, a sanctuary for your thoughts, and a testament to the magical bond you share. Every word, sketch, and emotion contribute to the enchanting story between you and your Ettiairy.

For those yet to meet their Ettiairy, turn the pages and unveil the secrets to making contact. Let this diary be your portal to a world where wonder and joy are woven into the fabric of your magical friendship.

Open these pages, let your imagination soar, and watch the magic unfold. An adventure awaits, ready to be written.

Welcome to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and every day is filled with the joy of a lifelong friendship!


Explore Tillkoo®, an Australian trademark leading a global creative revolution. Tillkoo's ethereal expanse symbolizes a profound realm of potential and unseen forces, merging the metaphysical with the physical. At Tillkoo Studios and Productions, we celebrate creativity as the essence of existence, showcasing groundbreaking retail, media, and artistic experiences that bridge local ingenuity with global innovation. 

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