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Explore the enchanting world of Buster Bill in this captivating book, the inaugural story of the Buster Bill series, subtitled "A Tillkoo Tale."  Available on Amazon.


"Buster Bill: A Tillkoo Tale" transports readers to the 1920s, introducing Buster Bill, a boy with a boundless imagination and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. The narrative unfolds as a mesmerizing journey through Tillkoo, intertwining the past with the present. It challenges readers to question the boundaries between reality and the unbelievable adventures that Buster claims to have experienced.


The book invites its audience to believe in the extraordinary, to embrace the unknown, and to consider the possibility of a world where the adventures of a young boy transcend both time and imagination.


"Buster Bill: A Tillkoo Tale" is a captivating story for readers of all ages. It blends mystery, history, and a touch of magic, underscoring the enduring power of wonder and the timeless allure of a great story.


Are you ready to delve into the intriguing legacy of Buster Bill? This book offers a journey into a world filled with wonder and discovery, marking the start of a series where each page turns to reveal new adventures and mysteries.

Explore Tillkoo®, an Australian trademark leading a global creative revolution. Tillkoo's ethereal expanse symbolizes a profound realm of potential and unseen forces, merging the metaphysical with the physical. At Tillkoo Studios and Productions, we celebrate creativity as the essence of existence, showcasing groundbreaking retail, media, and artistic experiences that bridge local ingenuity with global innovation. 

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