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Seth Raden

Who I Am

As a well seasoned traveller, I can truly say there is no place like Earth. It is the only planet I know of that produces my favourite beverage. Coffee!

As far as I can tell the best brew of coffee I have ever had was some years back in 1927 in a little country town called Stirling Gate.

I love coffee so much I created my own brand.








My life has always been full of excitement and adventure.

 I see life from a perspective that all beings are equal and individually unique, not to mention beautifully special.

I love meeting new people and learning how they see this vast reality we live.

As a child my rather large and extensive family guided me to respect the space and reality of another. So much so that I began a quest to find the oldest living being in the universe... as we know it in the 21st century on Earth.

I am fortunate to have friends and family that share my passion for discovery and adventure.

My journey has taken me to many wondrous places.

I have documented my escapades  

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